What you should know about our service:

  1. It distinguishes us:
    • All our vehicles are insured. They have a policy against all risk and against damage to third parties.
    • All our drivers are professionals, knowing the best routes to take you to your destination within cities or by road.
  2. You can recognize our vehicles by the sticker. All have this information in a visible site of the vehicle for your query.
  3. You must pay what the taximeter ticks and can demand your ticket.
  4. In case of complaints, you must take the number and the plate of the taxi. You can send us your complaint through our Contact section or our phones.
  5. You must check your belongings before leaving the taxi. Taxiscuba is not responsible for any item left inside the vehicle, only in the trunk.
  6. Smoking or eating food inside the vehicle is prohibited.
  7. The information from the different rates can be found on stickers placed inside our taxi